The course is specifically designed for personnel working in Iowa child care businesses. The course addresses the administration of oral medications, eye drops and ointments, ear drops, nasal drops and sprays, topical creams and ointments, nebulizer treatments and meter-dose inhalers. Participants must complete the Essentials for Medications in Child Care module prior to taking this course. This course includes a 1-hour skills competency evaluation to be completed within 30 days of taking the course.

Training Credit

  • 2 hours class
  • 1 hour test out

Training Audience

  • Child Care Centers (CCC) and preschools
  • Child Development Homes (CDH)
  • Child Care Homes (CCH) accepting Child Care Assistance (CCA)

DHS Training Registry

  • Iowa’s Child Care Provider Training Registry is an online tool where child care professionals can locate and enroll for DHS-approved professional development. The approved training opportunities can be accessed by visiting the DHS Training Registry.

Training Narrative

Medication Administration Skills Competency (Class)

This 2 hour professional development course is designed to address the principles and skills needed to administer medications to children.

Medication Administration Skills Competency Evaluation (Test-Out)

This is the hands-on skills competency initial test-out for child care providers who have completed the 2-hour Medication Administration Skills Competency course.


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The Iowa Department of Human Services is implementing the Statewide Child Care Emergency and Response Plan

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Iowa Early Learning Standards 3rd edition Orientation is now available online.
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