ChildNet 3.0 child care training series is 25 hours of interactive, applicable and supportive professional education provided through live online or classroom delivery. Intended participants are Child Development Home (CDH) providers who care for children while owning and operating a child care business in their home. These business owners have unique needs as their environment is shared between family and home space. Through this series, strategies will be shared on how to optimize time, space and resources to ensure best child care practices are being implemented. Additionally, an optional coaching component is offered to support new skills and procedures as providers strive for quality by obtaining ChildNet Certification.

Training Credit

  • 25 hours upon completion of face-to-face or online series

Training Audience

  • Child Development Homes (CDH)
  • Child Care Homes accepting Child Care Assistance (CCHA)

i-PoWeR Professional Workforce Registry

Iowa's Early Childhood and School Age Professional Workforce Registry (i-PoWeR) is a comprehensive registry where you can find and enroll in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) approved professional development opportunities related to early childhood and school-age professionals. It will also maintain a record of your professional achievements. Approved training opportunities can be accessed by visiting i-PoWeR below.

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ChildNet Certification Process

Child Development Home (CDH) providers and substitutes who complete the ChildNet 3.0 series training are eligible for ChildNet Certification. To become certified, a provider must:

  • Obtain a current HHS registration status.
  • Schedule on-site visits with their local Child Care Consultant to implement skills and knowledge taught within the training.
  • Complete the ChildNet 3.0 series training (online or face-to-face).
  • Enroll in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).
  • Schedule a certification visit with the CCR&R ChildNet Verification Specialist to complete ChildNet Certification Home Visit Checklist.

ChildNet certification is a requirement of Level 3 and above in Iowa Quality for Kids (IQ4K®), Iowa's Quality Rating and Improvement System.

Resources for ChildNet

CCR&R strives to support professional education and ensure home providers are offering best child care practices. These resources are intended to assist with implementation of new skills and procedures as providers work to improve the quality of services they offer.

Resources & Tools

Action Plan

This is a universal tool for the provider and consultant which is applicable to continuous quality improvement actions.

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CDH Policies Aligned

Chart designed to identify the policies required of the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Child Development Home (CDH) regulations, IQ4K® Levels 1-3, ChildNet Certification and/or Best Practices.

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ChildNet Certification Agreement

Provider agreement in order to achieve ChildNet Certification.

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ChildNet Certification Checklist

Checklist is intended to guide providers, consultants and validators through the certification process by using guided questions to prompt knowledge and conversation.

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ChildNet Policies & Procedures

Policy and procedure guidance for ChildNet 3.

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ChildNet Validation Checklist

Checklist to validate the documentation submitted for ChildNet Certification.

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Guide to Developing Business Policies for CDH

Policy guidebook offers suggestions of items to think about when creating policies for a family child care business.

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NAEYC Statement of Commitment

Statement of Commitment signature page and personal acknowledgment to embrace the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct.

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Professional Development Record for CDH

Form to document training requirements prior to registration and tracking of required professional development hours for each registration period.

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Self-Declaration of Insurance Coverage

Form to document provider acknowledgment of insurance.

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Sample Action Plan Session 3

Sample plan corresponding with ChildNet session 3.

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Sample Action Plan Session 4

Sample plan corresponding with ChildNet session 4.

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Sample Action Plan Session 5

Sample plan corresponding with ChildNet session 5.

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Sample Action Plan Session 6

Sample plan corresponding with ChildNet session 6.

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Sample Action Plan Session 8

Sample plan corresponding with ChildNet session 8.

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Training Narrative:

Session 1: Laying the Foundation

  • Professionalism
  • Ethical business practices
  • Supportive agencies

Session 2: All about Business…Basics

  • Characteristic of being a self-employed business owner
  • Insurance
  • Contracts and Policies

Session 3: Guiding the Developing Child

  • Identifying the domains of development
  • Guidance vs discipline
  • Expulsion policy

Session 4: Routines and Developmentally Appropriate Practices

  • Routines and Schedules
  • Transitions
  • Age-Appropriate Activities

Session 5: Environments and a Child’s Learning

  • Room Arrangements
  • Interest Centers
  • Screen Time

Session 6: Eat, Sleep and Go!

  • Menus and Nutrition Activities
  • Physical Activity
  • Safe Sleep
  • (counts as 2 credit hours towards CACFP hours)

Session 7: Talk, Play, Read, Write and Sing

  • Early Literacy Behaviors and Skills
  • Identify Delays in Early Literacy
  • Plan Literacy Activities for Mixed Age Groups

Session 8: Where We Live

  • Cultural and Diversity
  • Understand Personal Bias
  • Community Involvement

Session 9: Keeping Families Engaged

  • Family Involvement
  • Creating Strong Communication
  • Fostering Positive Relationships

Session 10: Pulling it All Together

  • Advocacy
  • Goals
  • ChildNet Certification