• Not registered with Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Not accepting payment to care for families on Child Care Assistance (CCA)
  • Sometimes referred as unregistered or nonregistered home providers
  • The only guideline for a Child Care Home (CCH) is Iowa Code Section 237A.3 
  • This provider type does not have to follow Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) Comm 95
  • To access the Department of Human Services (DHS) Child Care Provider Portal, click here
  • Department of Human Services (DHS) will not inspect or monitor a Child Care Home (CCH) unless they receive a complaint
  • If safety concerns, report as potential abuse or neglect to the Child Abuse Hotline 800-362-2178

Please note: A home providing child care to more than 5 children at one time is required to be registered as a Child Development Home (CDH).

237A.3 Child Care Homes

A summary of the basic requirements regarding the number of children who may be served by a Child Care Home (CCH) provider that is not registered is as follows (Iowa Code Section 237A.3):

"1. A person or program providing child care to five children or fewer at any one time is a child care home provider and is not required to register under section 237A.3A as a child development home. However, the person or program may register as a child development home.
Further, Iowa Code Section 237A.19 outlines the penalties of operating a child development home without registering.
If registration is required under section 237A.3A, a person who establishes, conducts, manages, or operates a child development home without registering or a person who operates a child development home contrary to section 237A.5, commits a simple misdemeanor. Each day of continuing violation after conviction, or notice from the department by certified mail of the violation, is a separate offense. A single charge alleging continuing violation may be made in lieu of filing charges for each day of violation."

Update your File

Having accurate information on your child care program in the CCR&R database allows us to assist in marketing your child care program to parents looking for child care. To match your program to the needs of families we need to know important information like hours of operation, ages served, changes in phone numbers or email address. Update your program file here.

How to Become a Registered Child Development Home

CCR&R strives to help providers create unique environments that allow children to develop and grow in their own way while focusing on the provider’s strengths, education and skills.

  • Explore your registration options here
  • Contact your Child Care Consultant with any questions you may have
  • New provider registration packets are available through CCR&R here

Child Care Assistance (CCA)

For more information about accepting Child Care Assistance (CCA), click here.

Sample Policies and Plans

Your Child Care Home (CCH) will benefit from having policies and plans to effectively communicate with parents and staff. The largest benefit of having policies and plans is to protect child care providers. Please click here to learn more.

Helpful Links

For a list of resources that you might find helpful, click here.


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