Recruitment for Early Childhood Professionals

Are you a director or board member looking for suitable candidates to join your child care center? You are in the right spot! Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R), Iowa Women’s Foundation (IWF) and IowaWORKS have partnered to bring you tips and tricks on your recruitment and retention process. Below you will find a list of resources that will assist with finding your audience, attracting child care individuals to your business, how to sell your company culture and identifying benefits to offer to keep these essential workers in the field! Utilize this information and prepare your job description to help your center. When this part is taken care of, head on over to our Job postings page to post your compelling job opportunity!

Wondering how you can recruit staff?

CCR&R is here to ensure you are utilizing all of your resources!

Write a Compelling Job Description

Prepare: What is the story behind your organization? What does the job entail? What benefits do you have to offer?

Are you struggling with writing a job description contact your CCR&R Child Care Consultant for assistance!

You wrote the job description...

What else can you add to get child care professionals to apply?

Sell your benefits and opportunities!


Vacation Time

Flexible Schedules

Overtime Opportunities

No Late Nights

No Weekends

Personal Growth

T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Iowa Scholarship

Discounted child care for employees

Working in the same center as your children

You get to be on the top of the list for child care openings


Free number of t-shirts (uniforms)

Able to order from food service

Child's pictures (free/discounted family pictures)

Simple IRA


Sick time

Pay on inclement weather days

Free meals during work

Paid holidays

Paid personal days (birthday or work anniversary)


Sell Your Company Culture!

Think about all the ways your center offers services to your staff, community and families! How do you serve them?

With a smile

Going out of the way to assist with everyday schedules

A fun, creative and loving career

Great staff

Change lives

Improve a child's future

Jean day

Potluck days


How do you keep your audience; figure out what they need!

Feel like you don't have a lot to sell for your organization?

Well, change that!

Did you know many places offer nonprofit discounts, offer volunteer time for staff to work at nonprofits, and look to donate to nonprofits?! 

  • Gym Discounts 
  • Verizon discounts 
  • Federal Student loan forgiveness 
  • Scholarships for school (example T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Iowa) 
  • Ice cream ideas  
  • Gas Cards 
  • How to get your community involved to help - What kind of resources do you have at your fingertips to help you (parents, board members etc.)
  • What else can you do? Reach out to your Child Care Consultant to brainstorm ideas on what else your center can offer!
  • Share your effective program ideas with us through the Contact Us feature and we will post here for others to try!

Find Your Staff

1. CCR&R Online Job Postings

  • Post your open position on the CCR&R Early Childhood Professionals webpage here.

2. Online Job Portals

  • LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, your local college job portal, local chamber career page

3. Social Media

  • Twitter, Facebook (your personal account), Facebook Swap sites, Facebook Job Groups

4. Staffing Agency

Do you have the means to partner with a local staffing agency?

5. College or High School Students

  • Partner with your local school to post advertisements or work out internship opportunities

6. Register in a local Job Fair

7. Who in your community would advertise for you?

  • Bank, clinic, local shops, schools

8. Local chamber or betterment

9. Set up a candidate referral system with current staff

10. Community Clubs

  • 4-H, Girls Scouts, Church, civic organizations, coffee groups, PTA, Retirement communities, sports teams, stay at home parents, Foster Grandparents

Additional Resources to Assist with the Hiring Process

Post early childhood job opportunities here!

Centers can post their job openings here.

Be sure to mention the job benefits, find examples above!

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