Child Care: plays a critical role in your workforce retention

Research and community conversations tell us Iowa is in a child care crisis, a crisis that is no longer just a family issue. It is a workforce issue, a business issue and a community issue. In many Iowa communities where child care is either unaffordable, inaccessible or nonexistent, working parents miss work, drop shifts, are less engaged on the job, switch employers or leave the workforce altogether.

Child care-related work benefits can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to develop, grow and retain their workforce. Research shows that increasing access to quality, affordable child care options isn’t just a great perk for employees - it’s good for your bottom line and can play a critical role in your workforce retention strategy.

What does child care mean to your business?

  • Increase your productivity - Lack of viable child care options result in chronic employee tardiness and absenteeism.

  • Increase employee retention - Employees cannot remain on the job in the face of ongoing child care problems.

  • Strengthen your community & future workforce - Studies show that investments in high-quality early learning programs result in higher wages later in life, increased tax revenue, more effective public schools, improved personal and public health, less crime and more educated, skilled workers.

Read the complete report "Why Child Care Matters to Iowa Businesses" here.

What can your business do to support quality child care in Iowa?

  • Be Informed - Ask employees about their child care arrangements. If you need assistance with surveying employees, CCR&R can help!

  • Provide Resources - Ensure all employees are aware of CCR&R services for families, include resources in new hire packets and link to the CCR&R website.

  • Tax Benefits - Inquire about potential tax benefits available for employers to help employees with child care costs.

  • Advocate in Community - Support community initiatives in early childhood.

  • Educate Leaders - Speak out about the need for high-quality child care and early learning settings.

  • Connect with Legislators - Convey to policymakers your support for public investment in early education.

Read the complete flyer "What Can Business and Economic Leaders Do?" here.

What is the result of quality child care for our economy?

  • Today's Workforce - Families and employers depend on quality child care for more stability of today's employees.

  • Tomorrow's Workforce - Investing in early learning and development is the best foundation for human capital. These investments have both immediate and long-term benefits to the individual child and society at large.

View the complete Committee for Economic Development report on child care in Iowa here.

Additional Resources

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