Posted by ICCRR in News on 4/19/2022
CCR&R's spring newsletter features updates on statewide partnerships, updating your file, parent marketing/referrals, funding opportunities and more!
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 12/1/2021
Hawkeye Community College announces start of Online Childcare Director training in January.
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Are you new to having a family or maybe you are new to Iowa? Did you know there is a program called Iowa Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) that is a FREE resource for all things child care?
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 2/12/2021
We started to hear from businesses that they were having a hard time recruiting and retaining staff because of the lack of child care.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 7/20/2018
The need for child care is intense because of the large number of working parents. Across Iowa, 75 percent of families with children younger than six have all parents working, according to the CCR&R.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 7/16/2018
Grant available to support community based solutions such as: building and expanding a child care center, maintaining and increasing child care entrepreneurs, establishing before and after school programs, innovatively addressing child care for 2nd and 3rd shift workers and creating businesses and child care partnerships.
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