child care desert

Posted by ICCRR in News on 8/9/2019
Iowa CCR&R announces release of new data report that should be beneficial to communities and economic develpment programs in Iowa.
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Posted by Iowa CCR&R Statewide Data Team in CCR&R Blog on 10/25/2018
The data team works all year long to collect information about child care programs throughout Iowa. This data is valuable to employers and community members to help them understand the child care needs in their area. It is also important to have accurate information for parents who are looking for quality child care.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 8/13/2018
Child care is the number one barrier for employment, especially for single families, and we know in Montgomery County we are short on childcare.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 8/8/2018
Researchers say 24 percent of Iowa residents live in child care deserts, places where child care is scant. That figure jumped to 37 percent in rural areas.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 7/20/2018
The need for child care is intense because of the large number of working parents. Across Iowa, 75 percent of families with children younger than six have all parents working, according to the CCR&R.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 1/22/2020
The Department of Human Services (DHS) releases new i-PoWeR Professional Workforce Registry.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 1/7/2020
Please help the Iowa Department of Education better understand the benefits and barriers to CACFP.
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