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Posted by ICCRR in News on 8/11/2021
Reminder from DHS: August 2021 will be the last month for stipends and unlimited Child Care Assistance (CCA) absences.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 6/2/2021
DHS announces dates for child care assistance family co-payment support.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 4/27/2020
Eligibility for CCA absent billing began for the 3/9/2020 billing period and will be in effect until determined by the Department of Human Services. Further clarification has been released 4/27/20.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 3/17/2020
DHS is extending all QRS ratings through May 31, 2020. Child Care Assistance payments will continue at your current QRS rate through May 31, 2020.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 10/22/2019
Child care homes accepting Child Care Assistance (CCA) are now eligible to participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). This announcement is effective as of July 2019.
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Working parents and their child’s well-being are interrelated. When parents are able to work and earn a steady income, they can offer their children more stability, opportunities and resources. Families can live in safer neighborhoods with better schools. They can provide nutritious meals and buy appropriate books and toys that allow their children to learn and explore. Most of all, parents have peace of mind that their children are in child care that offers a healthy, safe and nurturing environment.
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