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Sometimes it seems that children function in two distinct gears, happy and mad. They act in dramatic attention seeking ways to make us very aware of their feelings. They may hit, bite, scream, bang their heads or use a number of other creative ways to express themselves...
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Every parent worries about sending their little one off to school for the first time. It is perfectly normal to question whether your child is ready or not, unfortunately there is not a clear cut answer...
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From the moment that a family finds out they are pregnant, much preparation is done in anticipation of the new addition. A room is painted soft colors and cute furniture is bought and assembled. Colorful pictures, murals, and window coverings are hung...
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Today I am thinking about Professional Development ---we all have those days that we set aside each year for Professional Development, right?
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Children are at the door and ready for the pool. But wait! Are water play rules posted and reviewed? Has a safety check been done? Are there enough adults to supervise the children both in and out of the pool? While these may seem like redundant tasks, children at home and in child care will have an enjoyable and stress-free play experience when the key components of water safety are addressed.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 1/22/2020
The Department of Human Services (DHS) releases new i-PoWeR Professional Workforce Registry.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 1/7/2020
Please help the Iowa Department of Education better understand the benefits and barriers to CACFP.
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