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Recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics for seasonal allergy relief for children.
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Sensory play stimulates children’s senses, helps children explore and encourages them to use science while they play, create and investigate. This type of play can help develop children’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical and creativity skills.
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Interactions an infant has with books, listening to lullabies and with other’s voices, are the building blocks for language and literacy development.
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What to do when you've experienced a natural disaster or severe weather around flooding.
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Families and providers cannot make a good decision about screen time if they are not informed.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 1/22/2020
The Department of Human Services (DHS) releases new i-PoWeR Professional Workforce Registry.
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Posted by ICCRR in News on 1/7/2020
Please help the Iowa Department of Education better understand the benefits and barriers to CACFP.
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