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CCMS Implement 'Data Bridge' with CCA KinderTrack Portal


February 16, 2023

Hello Iowa Child Care Programs,

We are excited to announce the implementation of Playground’s ‘data bridge’ to the Child Care Assistance (CCA) KinderTrack Portal. Playground captures child time and attendance data when a parent or caregiver checks their child “in” and “out” each day. For children that receive CCA, you can use the time and attendance data in Playground and with a “click” of a button, submit this data to the KinderTrack Portal.

YES! No more entering data into the KinderTrack Portal. An incredible time savings for YOU! You can read the Help Center article and watch a brief video to see how this works here.

Some Iowa child care businesses have been piloting this new technology the last six weeks and this is what we are hearing. One home-based provider said… “That’s all I have to do, click a button!” A child care center that has over 70 children enrolled in the CCA Program estimates that she will save three (3) hours of her time every two weeks based on the connection between Playground and the KinderTrack Portal.

In addition to submitting CCA time and attendance data, Playground features include:

  • Online registration and paperwork
  • Automatic invoicing and billing
  • CACFP meal counts
  • Parent messaging and text blasts
  • and much more!

If you are currently using Playground, contact a support team member to learn more about submitting CCA data through your Playground App.

You can book a personalized demo of Playground here. Get started today in less than 5 minutes to save hours of your time each month!

If your child care business uses brightwheel, watch for an announcement in the next several weeks. brightwheel is currently piloting their ‘data bridge’ to the KinderTrack Portal with a few Iowa child care businesses. To learn more, read the Help Center article here. If you want to participate in the pilot, email today!

You can book a personalized demo of brightwheel here.

If you are not currently using a Child Care Management System (CCMS) in your child care business, learn more about the 1-year free CCMS subscription paired with a Financial Management Consultant and technology grant available on the Child Care Collaborative of Iowa’s website or call 1-844-786-1016. The application and/or questions can be emailed to

Tami Foley
Division of Family Well-Being and Protection
Child Care Bureau
Iowa Department of Health and Human Services


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