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Provider Appreciation Day - May 6

Dear Child Care Providers,

Child care provides opportunities for families to go to work, children to learn, businesses to operate and the economy to grow. Child care providers are an “essential workforce.”

Iowa CCR&R recognizes the important work of child care providers. You are one part of Iowa’s essential workforce. While it may seem like you are just a storyteller, wiggle catcher or lesson teacher, we see you as the safe keepers of Iowa’s future, our children.

We want you to know that we appreciate you always, but this week is our chance to celebrate YOU during national Provider Appreciation Day on Friday, May 6th. At a time when the world is returning from the turmoil of the pandemic, you’ve remained steady, with your lights on and your doors open. You’ve kept children safe and moving forward. We see the work you are doing and we know it has not been easy.

Thank you to all of Iowa’s early childhood educators that lay the foundation for future teachers, farmers, scientists, military, astronauts and business leaders!

Warmest regards,

Melissa, Mary, Deb, Lora, Becky
CCR&R Regional Directors


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