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Child Care Resource & Referral (CCR&R) is now reaching every family in Iowa that has a newborn baby. A new postcard, “Looking for Child Care?” is being mailed along with every new Iowa birth certificate.

The State Child Death Review Team (CDRT), with members from the Iowa Department of Human Services and Iowa Department of Public Health, reached out to Child Care Resource and Referral to request if there was any way they could help share information regarding child care to parents.

CCR&R worked with the team to create a postcard specifically for the birth certificate mailings. An estimated 42,000 postcards will be mailed to Iowa families each year. CCR&R is excited for this new partnership and a chance to educate these new families on choosing child care.

What does this mean for providers?

When a family connects with CCR&R Parent Referral Specialists, we take time to share some educational tools regarding quality care and offer assistance to families so they can look into all of their options.

Having accurate information on a child care program in the CCR&R database allows us to assist in marketing child care programs to parents looking for child care. Our referrals help programs maintain capacity by filling their vacancies. CCR&R now has an online system that lets providers update their child care program's profile! Providers - please check out our Update Your File webpage and stop back often when you have changes to the status of your program.

New Parent Services Video

We are also excited to announce a new video highlighting our Parent Referral Services for Iowans. We will be using this new marketing video when offering presentations for parent education programs, birthing classes and more! We enjoy connecting with parent groups to help parents learn more about quality child care so they are more informed when making choices for their family.

Texting Option for Parent Referrals

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for every parent to reach the CCR&R Parent Referral team. Now, you can text us! This texting tool is the latest edition of our Parent Referral marketing efforts and offers a way for parents to connect with our online referral options by texting.

This parent text campaign will send no more than six texts offering referral assistance and tips to help parents with their search. Text: IAchildcare to 59925 and start your search today! (Our texting system is automated and personal responses may be delayed.)


“Our Parent Services team is excited to have additional ways to connect families with our free referral services. We are hoping to reach more families and assist with finding programs that meet their child care needs. CCR&R values the opportunity to help parents understand what quality care should be and help them find services for their children," states Becky White, Parent Services & Regional Director.

Families can find more child care information, helpful tips and resources to assist with their child care search at


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