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Exciting news is coming your way!

September 20, 2021

Hello Child Care Providers,

You may have heard that a new and improved Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) is coming to Iowa, and it’s true. Iowa QRS has been re-designed, re-branded and re-named!

The new QRIS is called Iowa Quality for Kids (IQ4KTM). Some of the benefits of the new system include:

  • IQ4KTM is supported by a brand-new electronic database that will drastically reduce applicant paperwork requirements.
  • IQ4KTM will provide specialized tracks for providers already meeting enhanced program standards through alternative, DHS-approved, entities, ie: NAEYC Accreditation, NAFCC Accreditation, Head Start Performance Standards, Iowa Quality Preschool Performance Standards, etc.
  • School-age-only programs will have their own IQ4KTM application.
  • Bonus amounts awarded upon successful completion of an IQ4KTM level are being restructured. They will be significantly higher than they are in the current QRS and programs will be awarded the full assigned bonus amount at each successful IQ4KTM renewal, regardless of whether they increase, stay the same or decrease in level.
  • The continuous quality improvement approach of IQ4KTM allows programs to assess their current level of quality functioning across all areas of programming and devise a structured plan to increase the overall level of program quality.
  • Each CCR&R region has 2-full time IQ4K Specialist positions to assist programs and providers at every step of the IQ4KTM process.

What's next?

IQ4KTM will officially roll out on April 1, 2022. However, stay tuned in the next couple of months for some exciting new announcements. We are partnering with a marketing firm and have developed a strong marketing plan/timeline for the IQ4KTM system rollout. We will be introducing Kaya, the IQ4KTM Quality Kangaroo Mascot. Kaya will lead the charge and be the spokesmodel for the new QRIS. 

Additionally, we are developing and will be sharing several different, multi-channel, IQ4K-focused communications including: digital, social media, print materials and video outreach.


Micki Beard
Quality Program Manager
Division of Adult, Children & Family Services
Iowa Department of Human Services


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