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Child Care Cost Survey

January 26, 2021

Dear Child Care Provider,

It is time for us to complete an updated Child Care Cost Survey to help determine the rates of child care reimbursement and to aid us in best supporting child care providers across the state of Iowa. We are asking you to complete a survey reporting various costs you incur in providing child care.

The Iowa Department of Human Services is partnering with Iowa State University to undertake this project. This survey, which will be delivered by an Iowa State University email next week, will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The following worksheets will help you gather the information that you will enter into the survey.

The video below will give you a little more information. Please participate and help us understand the costs of providing high-quality care and education so that we can work together to further access for all of Iowa’s children.

Julie Allison
Child Care Bureau Chief
Iowa Department of Human Services



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