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CDH Ratios

August 3, 2020

Child Development Home providers!

As you are aware, school districts are determining how they will support their students during the COVID-19 Pandemic and developing their Return to Learn Plans. We know that you have many questions on how care will look and what we will require for all of you serving school-age children.

In June 2020, House File 2485 was signed into law, directing our Department to modify our rules around Emergency School Closures. The Department has not yet developed the rules to implement this, however, we know there are numerous questions around how you should handle the various Return to Learn Plans for school districts across the state.

This new law states that the Department must develop rules that if school starts late, dismisses early, or is cancelled due to inclement weather, structural damage, or a public health emergency, you will be able to serve your additional school-age children with or without a Department approved assistant or co-provider.

We understand that a number of districts may choose to have children participate in virtual learning, at times. In the event, in-person schooling is not taking place due to COVID-19, you may provide child care services to school-age children without an assistant, as long as you do not go over your total allowable capacity and maintain your ratios of infant/toddler and preschool-age children, as required by your registration.

  • Category A: no more than 8 children
  • Category B: no more than 12 children
  • Category C with co-provider: no more than 16 children
  • Category C with 1 provider: no more than 8 children

Further, if you are serving children, part-time or school-age, you will not be required to count part-time hours nor will you be limited in the hours in which you serve school-age children, at this time.

If you have your own school-age children that will be participating in virtual learning or homeschooling, at home, the Department will not count these children in your total numbers.

All child care providers will continue to be expected to follow all minimum health and safety regulations, so please ensure that you have planned how you will continue to meet these regulations before agreeing to care for your maximum capacity without a Department approved assistant.

Please be sure to stay up-to-date on guidance to child care programs by working with your compliance worker, Child Care Resource & Referral and/or Child Care Nurse Consultants and by visiting our webpage. We also intend to provide updates to guidance in the coming days so please keep an eye on your email!

You may also find the following links helpful:

We want to thank you for your flexibility in providing care to the children and families of your community and thank you for your patience as we work through child care regulations and how to provide support during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Thanks again, everyone.
Stay Healthy. Stay Safe. You are appreciated.

Ryan Page, M.C.J.
Child Care Regulatory Program Manager
Team Lead, Child Care Bureau
Division of Adult, Children & Family Services


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