Needing some extra income for your child care business? Thinking about opening a child care program in your home or a child care center?

The Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) can be your ticket to adding $$$$$ to your monthly income.

CACFP is a reimbursement program to help defray some of the food costs that are incurred when feeding children in child care.

With food costs going up almost 5% in the last few months, this program would be helpful in bringing in more fruits and veggies and better-quality proteins. Children need lots of vitamins and minerals that these foods provide to help them grow and their minds to expand.

Who can be reimbursed:

  • Child Development Homes
  • Child Care Homes accepting Child Care Assistance
  • Child Care Centers

Child care businesses are reimbursed for planning and serving meals that follow CACFP requirements for children 1-12 years and infants. These businesses may request approval to claim breakfast, lunch, supper and snacks (morning, afternoon and evening). Reimbursement is paid for not more than two meals and one snack, two snacks and one meal or three snacks per child per day. CACFP meals are planned to include required food components in required amounts. Participating child care businesses must serve meals that fulfill the USDA meal pattern for the age group(s) served.

Reimbursement rates are based on a Tier system including school, census and personal income.

2020-2021 Home Reimbursement Rates per Child per Meal:

  Tier I Tier II
Breakfast $1.39 $ .50
Lunch/Supper $2.61 $1.58
Snack $ .78 $ .21

2020-2021 Center Reimbursement Rates per Child per Meal:

  Free Reduced Paid Commodity
Breakfast $1.89 $1.59 $.32 n/a
Lunch/Supper $3.51 $3.11 $.33 $.245
Snack $.98 $.48 $.08 n/a

For more information, visit our webpage here or contact your Child and Adult Care Food Program coordinator here



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