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April 2020

Who is CCR&R?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) and the Department of Human Services (DHS)?

  • CCR&R is a program to support quality child care in Iowa.
  • CCR&R is available to assist families in selecting child care providers who best meet the needs of a child and their family by offering referrals to programs.
  • Child Care Consultants provide on-site consultation to child care businesses.
  • CCR&R is not regulatory; the Department of Human Services (DHS) is the regulatory agency for child care businesses; nonregistered, registered and licensed centers/preschools. However, working with a CCR&R Child Care Consultant can help simplify the registration or licensing process and help to make it less stressful.
  • You can think of CCR&R as your partner in your child care business - we’re here to support your business!
  • All of our services are FREE! Funding for CCR&R is provided by the Iowa Department of Human Services through the Child Care Development Fund.

DHS is a State Agency whose mission is to help Iowans achieve healthy, safe, stable and self-sufficient lives through the programs and services they provide.

During the COVID-19 crisis, DHS and CCR&R are working closely together to address issues that our children, families and providers are facing. The health and safety of families and child care businesses is of the utmost importance to DHS and CCR&R. At this critical time, CCR&R staff are here to answer questions, assist parents in finding child care and to help all child care providers in successfully running their business.

DHS will assist all child care providers with health and safety guidelines during this time so that child care businesses may remain open. Please check out for more information regarding the current news updates on COVID-19.

Message from a State Representative

What I have learned as a new State Representative:

  • Many legislators want to do work around child care but they just do not fully understand the issues.
  • Legislators do not always know who to talk with to get accurate information; they need to hear from impacted individuals or programs.
  • Some legislators assume if a particular situation does not exist in their area, it is not a statewide issue.
  • Legislators need to remember the needs in each area (especially when comparing rural and urban) can differ but overall there are still some common issues as well.

"Communication is key with any issue. Those impacted by statewide funding need to be brave and tell their stories, so the legislators can better understand the context in which these laws are being implemented. The narrative can change drastically from one year to the next based on what legislators hear from constituents. This year is an example where constituents from both chambers and parties had child care on their radar and we were able to pass 5 bills out of the House around child care, but there is still work to be done." --Tracy Ehlert, Iowa Representative, House District 70

Be sure to reach out to support child care initiatives in Iowa by talking to your representative.

#TogetherWeWill… provide a voice for child care businesses!

"Can Do" Spirit

“In networking with Family Child Care Association members during this unprecedented time of COVID-19, I have encountered people who are concerned. Overwhelmingly though, I have encountered providers functioning as the professionals they are, focused on what is most important - 'caring for Iowa's future' and supporting one another as colleagues. Amazing people doing important work for Iowa.” -- Matt Tapscott, Iowa Family Child Care Association

We at CCR&R are experiencing the same “can do” spirit among child care providers across all child care settings. Also, our communities are seeing child care as the essential service that it is in supporting the state’s workforce and preparing our children for school and beyond. Thank you for meeting this critical need in the midst of this unprecedented scenario! #TogetherWeWill

Child Care Across Iowa

The child care crisis in Iowa affects more than just parents and employers, it affects communities as a whole! Does your community have an economic development plan to address the child care crisis? Are you interested in looking at options to start a Child Care Coalition or task force in your community?

Be sure to read this issue of Child Care Across Iowa and see what CCR&R of NE Iowa is doing to help Black Hawk County.

Read the complete newsletter here.


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