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January/February 2021 Funding Opportunities

December 18, 2020

Dear Child Care Providers,

The Department of Human Services is pleased to announce that additional funding sources have been approved to provide continued COVID-19 support for child care providers. For the months of January and February 2021 we will be able to offer the Basic Monthly Stipend and Unlimited CCA Absences.

Basic Monthly Stipend:
Programs will need to continue to fill out the monthly surveys to be eligible for the Basic Monthly Stipend. Surveys must be filled out by the last day of the month that they are for (i.e. The January Basic Monthly Survey deadline is 1/31/21 and the February Monthly Survey deadline is 2/28/21). 

Please Note: The Basic Monthly Stipend and the Essential Employees Add-On were two separate funding opportunities which is why they came as separate checks/deposits. In the months of April through October the Essential Employees Add-On was available to programs that agreed to give a 25% discount to families with Essential Employees. Due to limited funding this opportunity was discontinued at the end of October and was communicated in the email regarding the November and December funding opportunities.

Unlimited CCA Absences:
Programs do not need to fill out a survey to apply for this opportunity. When completing CCA billing, providers mark absent days for days that children were scheduled to be in care but did not attend. This will be included in the program’s regular CCA payment.

The monthly surveys and additional information about funding opportunities can be found on our Funding Opportunities webpage.

Thank you,
Wendy Hoogeveen
Child Care Program Manager,
Division of Adult, Children and Family Services
Department of Human Services


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