ChildNet 3.0 is going to be AMAZING! For years CCR&R staff have been hearing from providers that they need more in-depth, next-step trainings to strengthen their business practices. Now that has happened! A statewide team led by Monique Ortiz, CCR&R’s Professional Development Specialist, has completed a revision and new curriculum. So out with the old ChildNet 2.0 and in with the new! CCR&R is ecstatic to announce the release of ChildNet 3.0! The new ChildNet 3.0 is 25 hours of supportive, applicable and interactive training offered both online and face to face. A Northwest Iowa Child Care Provider stated, “ChildNet 3.0 now has lot of great information about child development!”

ChildNet 3.0 has a lot of changes to both the curriculum and the certification process. Today’s Child Development Homes have new regulations, quality initiatives, and educational considerations to put into daily practice. We are excited to introduce the new curriculum that will assist providers in addressing the new changes and in building a solid foundation for these practices.

Child Development Home providers have unique needs because their environment is a shared space with their family and their child care business. Through this series, strategies will be shared on how to optimize time, space, and resources to ensure the best possible child care practices are being implemented. An optional coaching component is also offered to support these new skills and procedures for Child Development Homes completing the ChildNet Certification process. Kayla, a Northwest Iowa Provider is also excited to be able to take and offer ChildNet 3.0 goals to her families. Kayla said, “My families really like that I am ChildNet Certified. They say it makes them feel good about the care I give their children.”

CCR&R hopes all Child Development Homes will take advantage of this new training curriculum. Stay tuned on our website for announcements of future training dates!!! This is going to change the way providers look at themselves and their business. These goals will allow providers to build a solid foundation for their business and their home. The best part about it is Child Care Consultant will be there to support them throughout the whole process!

Link to ChildNet 3.0 training page.


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