I can hear the excitement of the celebration of our hometown Fourth of July parade and the upcoming festivities. The hustle and bustle of the crowd and children waiting to catch candy from the local businesses adds to the excitement. Everyone cheers for their favorite floats as they go by. Some have family in the parade, waving to their loved ones who gathered to watch.

The air is warm with a slight breeze that just so lightly cools and refreshes. You can see friendly faces and hear children’s laughter throughout the town. People decorate their houses with flags and remember the freedom that rests in our hearts and souls.

We are thankful to be here among our community, living in the moment as families celebrate the Fourth of July. Some may picnic; some may stay for the activities and games that follow. As the celebration ends, we all gather in the park with our families and friends to watch the spectacular fireworks display with many ahhs... hearing cheering and clapping through the night in appreciation to those that organized the day’s celebration. The families that take part in the celebrations are safe, helpful and kind to each other.

Safety tips:

  • Prepare for safety and any emergencies
  • Carry a cell phone with you
  • Teach children how to dial 911 and what to say
  • Be observant and alert to your surroundings
  • Carry enough water for the day
  • Take a wet washcloth with you to cool yourself
  • Look for safe areas
  • Show children where they can go to in an emergency
  • Bring a lawn chair to sit in a shaded area to keep cool
  • Stash a small first-aid kit in a backpack to carry with you
  • Teach children what public safety personnel to look for
  • Stay clear of fireworks
  • Teach children the hazard of standing in the street as the parade passes

Most of all, take care and enjoy the celebration as a family. Sending many smiles and cheers to those that celebrate the 4th of July! Be safe!


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