It's hard not to worry about our kids, especially when they are younger. There's so much to consider about their physical AND emotional health. The latest worry from families is how screen time is impacting a child's mental health and their brain development. As reported, a new study suggests that just an hour a day can be enough to make children more anxious or depressed. In turn, kids could be less curious or able to finish tasks, less stable emotionally and less able to maintain self-control.

The San Diego State University study is causing concerns for families everywhere, not to mention teachers/caregivers and health professionals.

So, what exactly can we do? PBS Parents has one solution: join your child for screen time. Read about PBS's Vice-President of PBS KIDS Digital, Sara DeWitt's, advice. She gives tips to families such as "just show up" and "sit down next to your child." Research shows us that engaging with our kids through educational media will help them learn.

Visit PBS Parents for more information on child development, fun & games and parenting tips!


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