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Smart devices have proven to be an invaluable learning tool today. There is an ongoing shift from mainly using traditional materials to accessing information primarily through smart devices.

Iowa Child Care Resource & Referral has always been proactive in advocating interactive learning styles. This continuously calls for innovation in educational technology. For these reasons and many more, the discussion of smart devices when it comes to a child's development couldn't be more timely and vital.

Here are the benefits of smart devices on a child's understanding of the world:

Can cater to different learning styles

Each child learns in different ways. Having the presence of smart devices gives kids another medium for learning that could exercise their brains in digesting information. Smart devices can even accommodate special needs.

At home, smart devices can aid parents in presenting lessons. Animated visuals can make learning materials more interesting, as opposed to traditional picture books. In school, students with learning disabilities will appreciate a tablet's flexibility and tailored curriculums. The presence of smart devices adds a personal touch to learning, as they can make students feel that teachers can cater to their learning style and speed.

It will prepare them for the future

A Pew Research Center survey indicated that many teachers strongly agree that kids should have digital literacy. Familiarity with smart devices will help them succeed in their future careers. It shows them that the majority of the world's processes are now run by data in one way or another.

Round the clock access to information

Proper use of smart devices will teach kids that these gadgets are not just for playtime. They are also a portal to information that they can access any time. Changing the perspective of young ones is a great way to discipline them early on about screen time. This training will be useful when they grow up. USA Today journalist Brian Shane explains that people now live in a world where children are expected to own smart devices, and they will be exposed to more types of technology as they grow.

An interactive environment develops imagination

More than just viewing objects in front of them, a feature like augmented reality (AR) gives children a new way of interacting with the world around them. This feature is now common in various apps. Learning about animals, shapes and colors will be more engaging and this innovation may even be incorporated in their school lessons, too. Maryville University's post on ‘The Multifaceted Future of Augmented Reality’ notes that AR is a great platform that can bring children closer to the things they are studying. It will expand their thinking and nurture their imagination.

It's the same case with virtual reality (VR), where students have a wearable device that allows them to be transported to different places. This is excellent for simulations and conducting experiments in an artificial, safe environment. In fact, there are now schools that use the tech in subjects like geography. In this way, students will be more curious about the world around them, and their attention span will grow.


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