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June 1, 2018

Creston and Southern Iowa Rural Water Association customers advised to boil water

MEDIA CONTACT: Dan McIntosh, Southern Iowa Rural Water Association 641-782-5744

CRESTON—A boil advisory has been issued by the Southern Iowa Rural Water Association (SIRWA) and Creston Water Works following issues with the filtration system at the Creston Water Treatment Plant. The SIRWA and Creston Water Works is issuing this drinking water warning to all of their customers.

Due to filtration system issues at the plant, there are increased chances the water may contain disease-causing organisms including bacteria, viruses and parasites, which can cause symptoms such as nausea, cramps, diarrhea and headaches. Residents should boil water used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth or preparing food. Boiling kills any bacteria and other organisms that may be in the water.

Residents should bring water to a boil for one minute and let cool, or use bottled water.

The boil order is in effect until further notice.

For more information, please contact SIRWA at 641-782-5744.

Customers of the Southern Iowa Rural Water Association (SIRWA) include:

Adams County: Nodaway, Prescott and surrounding rural areas

Clarke County: Murray and surrounding rural areas west of Interstate 35

Decatur County: Grand River and surrounding rural areas west of Interstate 35 

Madison County: Macksburg and surrounding rural areas

Ringgold County: Beaconsfield, Benton, Delphos, Diagonal, Ellston, Kellerton, Maloy, Mt. Ayr, Redding, Sun Valley, Tingley and surrounding rural areas

Taylor County: Bedford, Blockton, Conway, Clearfield, Gravity, Lenox, Sharpsburg and surrounding rural areas

Union County: Afton, Arispe, Creston, Cromwell, Kent, Lorimor, Shannon City, Thayer and surrounding rural areas

For more information on guidelines to reduce risk of infection, call the EPA Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 800-426-4791.

Please see the CDC document "Guidelines for Schools and Child Care During a Boil Water Advisory" here.

Specific Information for Child Care from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

During a boil water advisory Children and employees should not consume:

  • water that has not been disinfected,
  • ice or drinks made with water that has not been disinfected, or
  • raw foods rinsed with water that has not been disinfected.
  1. Discontinue service of food and beverage equipment with water line connections (e.g., post-mix beverage machines, spray misters, auto-fill coffee/tea makers, instant hot water heaters, ice machines, etc.).
  2. Discard existing ice and discontinue making ice. Use commercially-manufactured ice.
  3. Discontinue all on-site water play or swimming activities involving non-chlorinated and unfiltered water (e.g., water tables, inflatable or rigid temporary swimming pools).

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