Posted by ICCRR in News on 5/8/2018

The Department of Human Services Child Care Bureau Chief, Julie Allison, sends appreciation to Iowa Child Care Providers:

"In honor of Child Care Provider Appreciation Day on May 11th, I want to thank you for the care you provide children and families in Iowa as part of your child care business.

The Iowa Department of Human Services recognizes the immense importance of the work that you do with Iowa's youngest citizens. The care that you give to children not only allows their parents to go to work or school but also shapes those children's developing brains in ways that will impact them wherever they go in life."

You can read the complete letter here.



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The Iowa Department of Human Services is implementing the Statewide Child Care Emergency and Response Plan

The child care services you provide are important to both families and the community. With the heavy snow fall this winter and recent rain, many counties in Iowa are experiencing flooding. We need you to let us know if your child care business has been impacted and if so, the e...
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Iowa Early Learning Standards 3rd edition Orientation is now available online.
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