Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC) training will help your business be the best it can be. NAP SACC training will focus on useful information and skills that you can put right into action to improve the health of young children.

Here are some answers from child care providers on why you should "Go NAP SACC":

K. Tynan – Floyd County, CDH Provider

“The resources on the webpage were very helpful. I also began to plan my menu out a month at a time and really found it beneficial toward meeting Food Program daily/weekly requirements.”

D. Werner – Mitchell County, CDH Provider

“I’m glad I took the class, because sometimes we get very repetitious with our routine and stay in that comfort zone really easy instead of trying new activities. Doing the self-assessments for each lesson was helpful on where we could improve or know we are doing a great job. It shows Best Practices that I hadn’t met. It gave me great resources to use to add or implement new activities to try.

I’ve tried some of the activities in the physical fitness training: Loved the Fitness March, Active Play for Rainy Days. The kids really like them.

I’ve been more attentive to screen time. Both TV & iPad screen. Limiting the use and getting the kids more active during the long summer.”

M. Lines – Floyd County, CDH Provider

“My favorite part was the open and honest discussion between other providers. I’m glad I took it because it gave really valuable insight to this profession. I have implemented more diverse activities for the children. We now focus on more than 1 skill per day.” 

D. Baldwin – Chickasaw County, CDH Provider

“Setting goals really helped me to make the changes to my program. The online part worked well for me and I liked that I could see my progress.  My TV is hardly ever on now!”

C. Bonwell – Floyd County, CDH Provider

My favorite part of the training – it’s a nice refresher! I like that you have a group of people that have varying experience levels who have good input on the aspects at all levels! One thing I have changed is really my attitude towards alot of things, especially [the idea of] if the kids dont get it here they might not get it anywhere (outside time, healthy foods, love and attention). I also try to limit more of my screen time now."

To learn more about about NAP SACC training offered by Iowa CCR&R, see this link or contact your Child Care Consultant with questions.


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