Just over a year ago I took the Medication Administration class. I had seen the class offered a number of times, but I’d stalled thinking I didn’t want to give up two Saturdays and questioning what I could learn as a mom of three and experienced care provider. Well, now I can say that I’m happy that I was pushed (more like gently nudged) by my CCR&R Child Care Consultant to complete the class.

Important Lessons

There were a number of things that I learned from the class. The most important lessons, I believe, were those of practicing to give a variety of medications in a variety of ways. The practical administration went beyond the ordinary doses of Tylenol or antibiotics; we learned about topical ointments, nebulizers, drops and more. We practiced alone, with a partner and in front of the instructor. We became more knowledgeable about the laws effecting medication administration, especially those that could impact ourselves and our centers. We were able to ask “why?” a lot, and the instruction was excellent at helping us understand why we need to follow the steps in a certain order or why a certain step is important.

Improving Services

Since then I’ve become more comfortable giving medication and more confident in my abilities as a care giver. I’ve asked that other staff members who administer medication take the class as well. This has results in more accurate record keeping (as noted by our DHS licensing agent) and reassurance that children under our care are safe.


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