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I Participated and Changed My Ways
The Environmental Rating Scales (ERS) are the closest thing that we have to national standards for quality child care in the United States. The scales are suitable to evaluate inclusive and culturally diverse programs.
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With much, much effort on the part of our U of I College of Public Health partners, we are pleased to announce that the upgraded Prepare Iowa website for MCART and UP training is now available at the following new site:


You  should find the new portal for the training much easier to navigate and complete.   A few key reminders:


·         In the switch to the new system, passwords had to be reset.   If you already had an account set up in the old system,  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT  THE FIRST TIME YOU LOG IN that you type the following:


1.       Your password is the same as your username from the previous system – all in lower case

2.       You will be prompted to update your password immediately.   You may retype your old password or create  a new one. 


·         IF you have difficulty accessing the system, you need to send an email to the Prepare Iowa-Help email address.

Staff at Prepare Iowa are not resourced to handle all help calls via the phone.  Staff will respond to you as quickly as possible.  If you have limited access to emails, you can include a phone number for a return call, but the primary Help Desk response will be via email.  Staff at DPH and DHS cannot assist with access issues beyond confirming your provider number in KinderTrack.


·         All child care staff have adequate lead time to complete this on-line, 24/7 available training.   

 If you are newly registered or licensed, you may need to wait a few weeks to allow time for you KinderTrack number to be posted on the DHS website.    The provider listing is updated during the first week of the month and is the listing that Prepare Iowa staff use to confirm that you are a child care provider.  


·         Remember that the training must be completed in full – do not skip over any sections.



We hope you find the Prepare Iowa site a valuable resource in completing your training requirements.


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